Asbestos Services

TFM Ltd offer a wide range of services in relation to Asbestos. We are highly experienced in removing all types of asbestos. Asbestos falls under 3 different categories –

Notifiable – Requiring 14 day notification to HSI

This is high risk work where ACMs have a higher chance of elevated fibre release, are friable or in poor condition. This needs to be undertaken by a HIS/HSE licenced asbestos removal contractor and notified to the HSE 14 days before work can begin

For more details please see:

NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licenced Work)

This work is mainly for less hazardous ACMs where you are knowingly going to break the material to remove it.

This work doesn’t require a licensed contractor but all contractors must satisfy the following from 30 April 2015:

  • All workers carrying out NNLW projects will need to have had a medical examination (chest and a lung function test)
  • Employers need to keep a register (health record – including the nature and duration of work) for 40 years of NNLW with asbestos for each employee exposed to asbestos

NNLW can also covers some high risk removals work that is conducted over a shorter duration (less than 1 hour)

NL (Non-Licenced Work)

This work doesn’t need a licensed contractor and doesn’t require notification to the HIS/HSE. However a detailed set of RAMS (Risk Assessment & Method Statement or Plan of Work) still needs to be produced for these works and site operatives still require the correct level of training.